[ENG SUB] 190530 TMI NEWS EP 6 - EXID (Google Drive Link)

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EXID sharing their endless TMIs on TMI NEWS! Reminiscing their 8 years history, starred in their own movie EXVENGERS:AND GAME, cooking ramyeon on broadcast, etc! With the special guest choreographer Bae Yoon Jung and the UP&DOWN collab performance! Also, don't miss out on the ME&YOU heroes ver performance!

Here is the link:

There are a lot of captions not subbed, but it's cos they are mostly just repeating what's being said or meant the same thing. I don't sub them fully cos it will take wayyy longer if I do so. So I hope you are okay with that.

Thank you & enjoy!

TMI: I personally like the TMI Cinema part the best! The whole married couple moments are hilarious! And also LE's sound effects, they are amazing^^


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