Ramadan 2020 | Forgive Me Ismail Hussain - Official Nasheed Music Video - Project 5

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Forgive me Official Music Video by Ismail Hussain.
This poem focuses on self-reflection and the challenges one faces in life.

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Forgive Me lyrics:

Ya Rahim Ya Karim - Ya Sattar Ya Ghaffar
In your oneness is my faith - In submission I prostrate

I turn to you, full of mistakes, my heart ashamed, my soul in pain
But in your love, and through your grace I’ll find the way, I hope one day

Forgive me, forgive me, Ya Allah - Forgive me, forgive me, Ya Allah!
Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Rabbi - Ya Allah Ya Allah Maulana

Grant me cure, make me pure, cleanse my heart, of all Impure
Make me from, those that pray, keep me firm, all the way

I am alive because of you - I survive because of you
Alhamdulillah, oh Allah - Thanks to you oh Allah

In the time of need I return to you, to seek for help, to guide me through
When the light is seen, I divert from you, praying to you, far from you

Broken heart, torn apart, love I find, with you Allah
Veil me from, evil eyes, make me free, of all disguise
I am alive because of you - I survive because of you

Alhamdulillah, oh Allah - Thanks to you oh Allah
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Composition: Ismail Hussain, Jon Lawton.
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Jon Lawton at Crosstown Studios.

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