BLACKPINK's M/V was Actually Featured on 'The World of the Married' in the Most Uncommon Way Ever

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If you have eagle eyes, you will find BLACKPINK's music video in the drama.

BLACKPINK's MV? In 'The World of the Married'? Yes, BLACKPINK's music video for 'Whistle' could be seen in the drama.

It was when Ji Sunwoo (played by Kim Heeae) went for an afternoon tea time with her son Lee Joonyoung (played by Jeon Jinseo). Lee Joonyoung was busy with his handphone and guess what?

He was watching BLACKPINK's 'Whistle' MV! Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that 'Whistle' MV was playing on Lee Joonyoung's phone.

Jennie's parts were captured by the camera. It's still unsure whether it's completely just a coincidence.

Fans believe that it must have been intentional. Because the name of Lee Taeoh (played by Park Haejoon) and Yeo Dakyung (played by Han Sohee) is even Jenny -- with same Korean spelling as Jennie's.

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